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This is a chance to learn about me with any questions you may have!  If your questions are not answered,

please go to my CONTACT page and send a note!  Best, Rebecca


What is your primary focus these days in terms of performing?

Well, I enjoy acting and singing on stage, but I really enjoy film these days!  It's a competely different than

acting on stage and requires a different set of skills.  When I do a role on stage, it must be a role I am completely in love with!  One which showcases my talents and challenges me as well.  I am interested in gender-bending roles and roles that are different than who I am these days.  I'm up for a challenge!


Will you take a gig out of the bay area?

Why yes.  It does depend on the type of gig, which could include a theatrical performance, vocal performance

or making a film.  I am open to travel of course!  My travel and expenses should be included too in order for me

to accept an engagement of any kind.


Why do you characterize yourself as a "jazz cabaret" singer?

Well, my days in cabaret go way back to the 1980's when I first arrived to the San Francisco bay area

and performed at notable cabaret clubs like "Fanny's", "The Roxy Roadhouse" and "The Plush Room".

I was also involved in an award-winning cabaret show atop Nob Hill for a 2 year run called "Nashional Anthem"

which showcased my comedy skills and vocal talents.  These days were so much fun and also included stints

at the Mabuhay Gardens doing a comedy show "Practically Joking Live" on Broadway!  I love skit comedy and

delight whenever I get to do it!


What genres of music do you enjoy most?

First of this year, I decided to explore my passion which is opera!  This combines all of my theatrical skills

with my love for classical music.  Being trained as a classical clarientist as a child, my passion for classical

music has never waned.  I truly enjoy symphonic performances and to see an opera in all it's dramatic and

costumed splendor ignites my soul!  There is nothing more thrilling than an amazng vocal performance with

an outstanding symphony and operatic set visuals and story to go along!  It's unbeatable!  My teacher at

our first lesson said to me "Rebecca you have EVERYTHING it takes to perform opera!"  You have the chops, the volume, the theatrics, the musicality and the passion!  I look forward to this year and where this takes me.

Of course, I will continue with JetBlacq, my band, but OPERA is on my bucket list so watch for me in a

Gilbert and Sullivan show or more!





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