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What folks are sayin'!

I have had many reviews both for myself individually and for our band "JetBlacq"  Here are just a few!


“The new summer jazz series, kicked off by JetBlacq, an Oakland-based group that prides itself on

being THE SHOW!  There were folks who tapped and fingers snapped all around as JetBlacq

vocalist Rebecca Faiola crooned, “An older man is like an elegant wine,” with playful sultriness to

an older male guest. Other guests, many of whom seemed to be JetBlacq followers and friends,

laughed and cheered when Faiola strutted toward the man’s table while singing and put her arm

around him. The already cozy space felt cozier still as closely arranged tables buzzed with light

conversation and laughter. What must be a romantic spot at night felt like a sunny cafe filled with

good friends and neighbors — especially when Rebecca and husband Frank sang the popular

“Volare” and guests joined in, swaying in their seats and smiling brightly!”

— Diana Arbus, Berkeley Side


"All I need now is a Canadian Club and soda and a slutty woman sitting next to me at the bar and

I'm all set! You both sound great."

— Santo Forcucci, Cunero PRESS


There are many theatrical reviews and reviews from my cabaret days back when Fanny's was

around and the Roxy Roadhouse along with the Plush Room!


“Thanks Rebecca you had a great show! So many people had such a great time!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Society Cabaret, San Francisco”  SOLD OUT SHOW!


































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