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June 2021 UPDATE:

Teaching has now resumed!  I have ongoing Zoom students from California, now that

I'm here living in Texas plus local students here. Let me know if you want a lesson,

a refresher or coaching for one song.  Email:

Teaching has begun in the fall and it's just such a gift to have wonderful students, both adults and young people, who wish to learn to sing and perfect their craft!  Whether it's just finding a new audition song or monologue or working on both for auditions that's what I truly enjoy doing.  Let me know what you want to work on!


Here's a recent review from one of my private adult students Fall 2019:

"Rebecca created such a welcoming, safe and positive space for me to explore my voice and try on different songs. She is an incredibly gifted teacher who understands how to teach in a way that feels uplighting and empowering. I learned so much from just one lesson and can't wait to go back."

What an amazing time I had being musical director for Beauty and the Beast

and the amazing Lion King Junior musicals this summer.  Thanks to all who came and brought their kids for these special sessions!


I look forward to seeing you all soon.  I'm accepting just a few students for the fall

for vocal and audition coaching!  Get on my schedule folks!  I have 100% success

rate with every student I've coached winning and getting into every school, show

or program!

Email me with questions about Bay Area Children's Theatre Classes or                            Private Coaching! Let me know if you have any questions.              or

Sign up now for classes online:

ADULT One-on-one Vocal Training Is Available for Fall 2019.

Please message me about your ideas about what you wish to work on.


Teaching and Coaching REVIEWS:  So grateful for the nice feedback!

"Rebecca created such a welcoming, safe and positive space for me to explore my voice and try on different songs. She is an incredibly gifted teacher who understands how to teach in a way that feels uplighting and empowering. I learned so much from just one lesson and can't wait to go back."

Thank you so much for your help with this audition- from finding her the song and the monologue to coaching       her through both. I feel that my daughter will do her very best at her audition.  We love working with you!

Parent of Private Audition Coaching Student - We chose a monologue and song and worked through the

audition techniques and performance for upcoming audition.

Did Rebecca provide what you needed for student? 

Rebecca provided everything our daughter needed, including music worksheets, a piano, lessons to practice at home, and tips for improving certain areas for our daughter’s upcoming audition.


Anything you'd like to share about these lessons with Miss Rebecca? Rebecca went above and beyond. She contacted the school our daughter was auditioning at to find out exactly the format of the audition and what would be tested, even though we did not ask her to do that. She was very helpful and engaged with our daughter succeeding in her audition.


Would you recommend Miss Rebecca to other students needing this expertise? We would definitely recommend Rebecca. Our daughter learned quite a bit, and enjoyed the teaching style of Rebecca. She is great at what she does and has the nicest, warmest attitude as well. 

Lessons are available privately with me through Bay Area Children's Theatre!

I'm currently taking only "Audition Prep" students privately.  I'm teaching a VOCAL VELOCITY

class starting in the Spring again through Bay Area Children's Theatre.  Sign-ups are currently

being taken online at 

I am also the Musical Director for the Next Level Performers (Middle School age) at Bay Area Children's Theatre which is registering students now for our Spring Productions of "Sound of Music"!

I will work with adults on a private basis based upon their interests and if it's a "fit" with my expertise.

To contact me via email send an inquiry to:

All the best to you all in your singing and show endeavors for 2017!  It's going to be a BIG YEAR!

What is my background and what do I teach?

I have an education in music from the age of 5.  I have studied piano, voice and clarinet. I play other instruments as well.  My schooling throughout the years involved private lessons and ultimately my

college education included attending Richland Junior College as a clarinet major/education, then

received a scholarship to attend the University of North Texas.  I completed coursework at the

University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. During and after college, I continued to have clarinet students and created "audition workshops" for kids to prepare them for big auditions.  I have performed all my adult life on stage in musical comedies, dramatic plays, on film and television.  I have professionally produced musicals and run camps for kids putting together programs as well as teaching movement, dance and singing.  My joy comes from working with kids to fine tune audition songs, work on monologues and help shape an audition.  I can teach nightclub singing, and continue to perform myself with my own band as well as sing in the studio on various projects and albums.  My joy is working with kids and adults one-on-one to perfect and fine tune their instruments and performance techniques.

Advice I'd give to any parent, or someone who wishes to pursue music?  Learn to play basic piano and

understand notes, rhythms and sight reading.  These skills are the best skills one can possess as a professional!  I am able to walk into any setting, classical, jazz, gospel or rock and excel because I

can read music.  Learn the basics folks!  There is no shortcut.  Putting in the time will be your winning

skill in the long run!  I know!  All the best to those of you just starting out and those returning to learn more!

And there is always more to learn!  

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